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About Us

Green Ocean Car Wash is a new and innovative car wash with top-of-the-line wash technology and a passion for the environment.

Green Ocean Car Wash provides a meticulous clean with wonderful customer service, all while conserving water and energy. Approximately 75% of the water used by the wash is recycled and reused in a way that saves the planet while still providing a superior clean.

The facility itself is powered by solar panels as another means of providing a customer experience that is built to sustain.

Our mission is to serve our customers by using the highest quality car wash chemistry and equipment in an environmentally friendly way. We are locally owned and believe in supporting the Falmouth community.

Going Green

The heart of our business is to protect our beautiful oceans and the environment that we call home. That is why we have worked hard to create a business that sustains our mission of saving the earth.

We use a Solar-Powered Facility

We reclaim and recycle 75% of our water

We eliminate driveway run off

We're Hiring!

Want to be part of a team that provides an amazing service all while helping the environment? We thought so!

Send your info our way to be considered for employment at Green Ocean Car Wash!

Directions To Green Ocean Car Wash

Address: 187 Teaticket Hwy
Falmouth, MA 02536

Phone: Coming Soon


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